Frequently Asked Questions you may have for your DJ before your wedding!

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According to recent information the average wedding in Alberta now costs $23,260.00. That's as much as some people's annual salary, a year of college, or a new car. Chances are you have never hired Professional Wedding Entertainment in your life and will attempt to qualify your entertainment by asking ONE question: How much do you charge? Do you really want to trust your memories of a lifetime to the lowest bidder? Instead of seeking the Best Price, you should seek the Best Value. The amount you invest in your entertainment is directly related to the quality you receive, which is directly related to the overall success of your entire wedding day.

Most clients tell me "I do NOT want a cheesy DJ". Because I offer personalized and customized services, what may be cheesy to one is fun to another. Each event is specifically designed towards those who hire me, so I offer suggestions to help you make the best-educated entertainment choice. Hiring a DJ for the first time is like moving to a new town and trying to find a new hair stylist. Pick the wrong one, and you are headed for a disaster. Your hair will grow back, but your wedding is a ONCE in a lifetime date on which everything needs to be perfect. Asking the following questions will help you find a professional, high-quality entertainer:

  • Are you available?
    This should always be your FIRST question! If your date is unavailable, a professional DJ will refer you to other quality entertainers.

  • How much experience do you have at events like mine?
    Is this your DJs 1st, 50th, or 500th performance? Experience is a must because your reception has many formalities with which your DJ should be familiar and know how to coordinate. An experienced DJ will make last-minute changes occur as if they were already planned that way.

  • Will you plan and direct my reception?
    Your reception is an entertainment function. A professional DJ entertainer will have the experience and knowledge to guide your reception from start to finish. Planning all the details prior to your reception will eliminate confusion on your wedding day. A well-prepared DJ will also work with your other vendors so your formalities occur at specific times and you have more time to enjoy your family and friends. Your DJ will act as your reception director!

  • How will you dress for my reception?
    Your reception will most likely be a formal event. A professional DJ will fit-in at your reception by wearing a Nice Business Suit. Make sure your DJ will dress appropriately for your event. Your DJ is a representation of you and their attire should reflect your standards on your wedding day.

  • What music selections do you have?
    Every wedding has guests with a great range of ages, from grandparents to children. Your DJ should have the music library to satisfy requests, the experience to read your crowd, and the knowledge to play the right format of music for you and your guests.

  • Is your music library LEGAL?
    Professional DJs support the music business by purchasing their music from retailers, DJ-only subscription service companies, or legal online music vendors. Low-priced DJs are usually able to offer a cut-rate price because they don't invest in legal music. Illegally downloaded music may not have the same quality as the legally purchased music. Please help support the talented musicians and future of music by hiring a professional who invests in legal music.

  • Do you take requests and will you use discretion?
    A DJ may not please your guests 100% of the time, but requests should be accepted within your defined guidelines. Your reception is a family event and appropriate music should be played which is not offensive, sexually suggestive, or inappropriate for this type of gathering.

  • When will you setup for my reception?
    Your DJ should be completely setup and in appropriate attire prior to your guests arrival. If your ceremony is early in the day, but your reception is many hours later, make sure your DJ is setup prior to the first guest's arrival. You may be charged additional amounts for setup or additional playing time.

  • Do you have references or testimonials from past clients?
    Testimonials are a great way to know how your DJ has performed in the past. You also may be able to contact prior clients for their own experiences with your DJ. You should NEVER ask to show up at another event where your DJ is performing. A wedding reception is a Private, Family affair which should not be used as a sales demo. Besides, you may see your DJ do something at another event which you despise, but that client may have requested that exact type of interactivity.

  • Will you provide a written contract?
    Your performance contract should detail what your DJ entertainer is providing as well as requirements from you. Your agreement should also detail what will happen if your entertainer is unable to perform. A backup plan needs to be in-place BEFORE your reception, not on your wedding day!

  • Finally...ask yourself "How important is my entertainment to my reception?"
    On a scale of 1-10, what importance does your entertainment hold for your entire wedding day? The higher the importance, the more service your DJ should provide, and the more you should invest in your entertainment. There is a big fallacy of thinking that a DJ is "just music". A professional Wedding DJ provides more than "just music" and will care about the success of your event as much as (or more than) you do. Make sure you hire a dedicated professional DJ who will transform your dreams into reality.

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