Looking for a DJ for a special event? Welcome to SunRayz Entertainment!

Ray Warga of SunRayz is an independent DJ who has the experience and quality of a larger contractor,
without the extra cost and middle man associated with it.

SunRayz Entertainment is attentive to your individual needs. Knowing that your gathering is very important, Ray is easily accessible via phone, email and fax. Rest assured that if you have a contract together - he will be there. He is excellent at working with various types of staff that are helping with your event (wait staff, planners, organizers, etc.), but most importantly, he works well with your guests. He maintains a respectful tone of voice and calm demeanour in the face of stressful situations that everyone needs to know they can rely on in the middle of their important event.

Presently, Ray's specialties include weddings, work parties, and elementary school family dances. He is both a fun and entertaining DJ. He does not, however, overtake your event. He remains respectful and open to helping people make the most of their event. He has DJ'd in a variety of settings, including community centres, golf course (inside and outside), events held in private homes (both big and small), banquet halls, and the great outdoors. He comes equipped with everything needed to set up at the venue of your choice. As long as there is power - Ray will make sure you get the lights and sounds you need for your event. All equipment is new and well maintained.

Leave your worries and stress behind, SunRayz will be there for you!

SunRayz, for your DJ needs!

Ray Warga

Ph. 403.619.1508
Fax 403.454.3933